IT Managed Services

At American Technet we understand that supporting users in the use and experience of their work tools is as important as developing and implementing the corporate infrastructure.
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As a managed IT services provider (MSP) we administer responsibly and proactively a custom defined set of services modeled upon our customer’s present and forecast needs. All the way up from a simple network outlet connection to a sophisticated hybrid or cloud environment setup.

Years of experience

Users Served Simultaneously

Managed servers

On Site Support

Local presence

Nothing replaces the human contact in this digital world. By clearly demarking the zones each branch services we can respond very quickly to any request for onsite service.

Routine visits

 We never wait for emergencies to occur to visit our clients. This practice is highly beneficial for our customers. When we are not under stress, we may advise them in many ways, from a little on site change up to the design and planning of a major move.

Recurring monthly plans

By implementing a long-lasting relationship with our clients, we keep up to date information about their IT infrastructure and work environment, to help them keep threats out of the door, improve their current resources, and advise them to wisely invest in new technologies and services. This is peace of mind.

Monthly plans.

Our qualified team of IT professionals is always ready to attend your requests no matter in which part of the world you reside or work from.