IP Telephony - VoIP

We have more than 20 years facilitating the IT processes of organizations through simple and efficient technological solutions
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Voice Over IP or telephony over the Internet

IP telephony has become the world standard. At American Technet, we began implementing this technology in 2004. Since then, we have customized our customers’ phone platforms to their specific needs. We have helped them communicate with the world in the most efficient, safe and profitable way.
Our Services
• Hosted PBX tailored to your needs.

• Customized answering and call routing features.

• Voicemail messages sent by email.

  • Selective call recording features for quality purposes.
  • Call center routing and voice traffic management.
  • Voice and video (on video capable IP phones and softphones) conference rooms.
• Free calls between extensions worldwide.

• Big savings compared to traditional phone services.

• Optimized use of the local network.