Cloud Services

We live in a virtual world that requires access
from anywhere in the world.

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Virtual Desktops

Individual worplaces in the could allow users to work seamlessly from any device or location in the world

Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers

Cloud servers allow users to run common applications working from any place or device in an environment always available and secure.

Cloud Backups

We keep your critical data always safe in our redundant storage in the cloud, to protect it from loss and cyber attacksSabemos que su información es más valiosa que el oro y por ello protegerla es uno de nuestros objetivos de servicio.

Group Collaboration

Our cloud platform infrastructure leverages your local and remote collaboration tools by implementing the most suitable environment for your needs.

Today, we are citizens of a virtual world. You live in one continent and work from another. Since 2008 we began exploring the universe of virtualization, its core players and the best solutions available. We have done and continuously do, a great amount of research to constantly look for the best ways to implement available platforms for our customers. When the Cloud was just a confusing concept we were already implementing and supporting our customer’s own clouds.

Remote Help Desk

Our team of remote support specialists are always ready to help you troubleshoot your cloud needs and issues.

Cloud Consulting

We continuously work and test all the new technologies for cloud computing to advise you on the best way to improve efficiency and operating costs.